We won the first ever Unigroup sustainability competition in 2015 and we're glad we didn't last year because that means other Mayflower agents are stepping up their game!


Here are a few of the efforts we are making to save our world and we hope you are too!

Select Van & Storage Are Green!

Here are just a few of the ways that we contribute to the environment...we can only hope that other moving companies share in our efforts!

• Buy office copy paper with at
least 30% recycled content
• Purchase and use safer, more
eco-friendly alternative(s) to
previously used products for
janitorial, pest control, and/or
facility maintenance
• Purchase recycled/remanufactured
toner cartridges
• Purchase more materials in bulk
• Use low-emission building
materials when remodeling

Waste Prevention
• Reduce Copying: use electronic
distribution to avoid unnecessary
document printing
• Regularly update/purge our
mailing list
• Contact catalogue senders and
others to reduce the amount of
bulk mail and duplicate mailings
you receive
• Use marketing materials that
require no envelope
• Reuse packaging and shipping
• Install motion towel dispensers
or air dryers near all sinks
• Prohibit littering at the workplace
or while on duty, including the
improper disposal of cigarette

• Recycle paper
• Recycle glass
• Recycle aluminum and other
• Recycle plastic bottles, utensils,
wrappers and other materials
• Recycle boxes and other
cardboard materials
• Recycle pallets, pallet wrap, and
any other wood debris
• Recycle toner and inkjet
• Install signs and distribute
instructions on recycling to staff

• Offer a green or sustainable
product service
• Install trees, bushes and other
landscaping at our local facility
• Implement a protocol for
employee suggestions for