Did you know one of the factors in your moving quote is actually calculating the total weight of the shipment?

When you schedule a #free moving quote and one of our professional move estimators comes to your residence or business, the main thing they are looking for is not necessarily how many items you are moving, but more importantly, how much they will weigh.

Our sales team have decades of experience between them and that type of hands-on knowledge can't be matched by the competition. A quote is based on an eye test and wouldn't you rather have those eyes know what they're looking at? You wouldn't believe how much it will save you to get this done right and upfront.

Here are just a few of the cost factors involved when you move:

-How much will your move weigh?
-How many and what size trucks will you require?
-How many movers will it take to get it done efficiently and cost effective for you?
-What is the distance you are moving?
-Will you be using our packing services and supplies or provide these services and items yourself? http://x.co/6lqwO
-Does your move require any special equipment? (i.e. a crane to lift a sign off your office building)

No matter what the size of your move is, or how much it weighs, Select Van & Storage has the resources to get it done. Our costs are typically lower because we are an honest, family owned moving company and our goal is to treat you as a part of that family. Our estimates don't come with a 'catch' and any additional expenses you may incur are brought to the table BEFORE you move, not after like other companies will do.

To schedule a free, no obligation quote today, visit https://selectvan.com/quote or call the branch office closest to your home or business from our contact page @ https://selectvan.com/contact-us

...And yes we know how to spell 'wait' :)