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Relocating your household can be very stressful for a family, regardless of the distance. Support from experienced residential movers helps keep the stress level down and the process running smoothly, allowing your family to spend more time with the people you care about and less time preparing to leave. Select Van & Storage has been moving households for decades, so our highly trained residential movers know what it means to help you every step of the way. From carefully packing your belongings to cautiously loading our trucks, and even setting up your furniture in your new home, Select Van & Storage is here to make your household’s transition a smooth one.

Professional Moving Company in Omaha

The moment the residential movers at Select Van & Storage arrive at your home they are careful and courteous. Before we even begin moving your belongings into our moving truck, we place padding in the stairways and doorways, as well as plastic floor covering in the hallways. Your possessions are also given extra protection during moving. Upholstered furniture receives shrink-wrapping and pad-wrapping, while your dishes are placed inside of dish packs.

Residential Movers Serving the Entire Midwest

Select Van & Storage has locations throughout the Midwest, including the following cities:

  • Omaha Residential Movers - Our headquarters location is based here in Omaha and is where we have our roots.
  • Lincoln Residential Movers - Our Lincoln movers are sure to help you through the moving process and show you what a great moving experience is.
  • Des Moines Residential Movers - The Des Moines movers have the expertise to ensure your move goes smoothly.
  • Kansas City Residential Movers - The Kansas City movers are as experienced as it gets and a trusted source for any size move.

Household Relocation Services

Residential moving is a broad term, and can be broken up into more concentrated areas of focus. We are proud to offer you the following residential moving services to better meet your needs:

  • Local Moving
    Your relocation requires care and expertise, no matter the distance. The local movers at Select Van can move you to any nearby destination you need to go. We primarily serve Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Kansas City and know the major roads and nuances of each city. Our certified drivers and advanced fleet complete with air-ride suspension will get your belongings to your new home safely.
  • Long Distance Moving
    There are many details to consider during a long distance move, but whether you're moving across state lines or to Japan, the long distance movers at Select Van are here to help. Our team of packers, drivers, and moving specialists will help you create a custom plan. From there, we can pack, transport and unload your belongings for you according to your specifications.
  • International Relocation
    Not just any mover can properly execute a complex international relocation. With more than 30 years of overseas moving experience, we offer the full-service moving solutions that allow you to spend more time with your family and friends at home while your move coordinator and our international experts prepare and execute your big relocation.
  • Household Moving
    Moving an entire family household often involves the complexities of planning, packing and moving a number of family members of different ages – all on different daily schedules. Regardless of the distance and your family’s time constraints, Select Van delivers efficient, professional household moving solutions for the entire family.
  • Senior Moving
    The professionals at Select Van and Gracefully Placed can help you or a loved one downsize and move to an apartment, condominium, retirement home or assisted living community. Your belongings will be treated with the utmost care every step of the way, and we have secure storage available for as long as you need in our 44,000 square foot facility.
  • Military Moving
    The military movers at Select Van are proud to serve our nation's military personnel at bases in Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco. As an agent of Mayflower, Select Van can move you to any national or international military base. We provide the secure storage solutions you need when spending months overseas.
  • Packing Services
    The experts at Select Van provide the full-service packing, crating, and unpacking services you need for an easy transition. We can successfully crate and transport even the most delicate, high-value items.

Give the experienced residential movers at Select Van & Storage a call today to discuss your moving plans, we would be glad to give you a variety of options to fit your needs. There is also a quote form available on our website for you to submit for a free estimate.

Household Moving Company

Whether you're moving with a small family or a large one, there always seems to be a never-ending list of things to do for planning and executing your household relocation. With the help of the professional movers at Select Van & Storage, you can get a streamlined relocation for your family no matter if it’s a local Omaha move, long-distance move or even if you’re relocating internationally. Since 1950, our BBB accredited business has been providing high-quality relocation solutions for households of all shapes and sizes. No matter your budget, you can rely on our moving professionals to accommodate your needs.

Midwest Household Moving Services

At Select Van, we pride ourselves in our capabilities as movers to create personalized moving experiences for our customers. When you work with our move coordinator, you'll receive individual support so you can create the moving plan that fits your family. Each and every one of our comprehensive moves follows these four simple steps:

  1. Planning your Long Distance Move
  2. Packing and Loading with our Professional Movers
  3. Full-Service Delivery and Payment
  4. Full-Service Unloading and Unpacking

Whether you require all or only a few of our residential moving and household storage services, you can depend on the selection of offerings our company provides to meet your individual and diverse needs. From specialized moving solutions to corporate relocation, as an agent of Mayflower Transit, we have the modern equipment and technologies to complete your upcoming move with ease.

Moving Company in Omaha, Des Moines, Lincoln and Kansas City

No matter the size, scale, or complexity of your upcoming moving operation, ensure its success by working with the seasoned moving experts at Select Van. We offer flexible and cost-effective moving solutions that guarantee your satisfaction. Our household moving company operates with integrity, respect, and honesty so you can have peace of mind that your household belongings are in good hands.

If you're ready to start the moving process for your next relocation today, give Select Van & Storage a call to speak with one of our knowledgeable moving specialists. You can also fill out our online form to request your free, in-home and no-obligation moving estimate.

Local Movers

There are a number of components planning and implementing a household relocation – this includes a local move. Whether you’re staying within your town or transplanting your family to a nearby community, there remains a high level of care and attention to detail required for a successful local move. The professional movers of Select Van & Storage understand that your move is special and must go smoothly. Our experienced team trains to keep up with the newest moving procedures and utilizes modern equipment to ensure your local move exceeds expectations.

Go with an experienced local mover who knows the area well, so you can avoid any delays or confusion. Our drivers have thousands of miles logged, both locally and nationally. Give us a call today and see how we can make your move a great moving experience!

Your Local Moving Company in Omaha

Select Van & Storage is proud to serve six cities with our local moving services. Our West Coast location can move you locally to any city in the Bay Area. Each of our local moving companies is very familiar with the layout of the streets, so we always try to avoid the heavily traveled areas in each of the six cities we represent. As an agent of Mayflower, we have the latest moving equipment, including air-ride equipped tractor-trailers. You will always work with a moving specialist who acts as your single point-of-contact throughout the entire move.

In-town Movers Serving the Midwest

The local movers not only provide residential moving, but can provide military moving for families of all sizes at air force bases and army posts surrounding the following cities:

  • Omaha Local Movers
    The Select Van HQ location is based right here in Omaha and an excellent choice for local moving.
  • Lincoln Local Movers
    Our Lincoln local movers are sure to help you through the local moving process.
  • Des Moines Local Movers
    The Des Moines local and office movers have the expertise to ensure your move goes smoothly.
  • Kansas City Local Movers
    The Kansas City local movers are as experienced as it gets and always get the job done right.

Make an affordable local move today with Select Van & Storage. Contact us by phone with any questions you may have or fill out our quote form online for a free estimate at your home.

Interstate Movers

Select Van and Storage is your single-source solution for all of your interstate moving needs. Delivering high-quality relocation solutions backed by extensive resources and experience, we help make your state-to-state move a smooth transition from your community to your new home. With an out-of-state move planned and professionally executed by the experienced team at Select Van & Storage you can move to any of the intercontinental states in the U.S. and even to Alaska or Hawaii. Whether you’re moving interstate from Omaha, Nebraska or one of our other Midwest moving company locations, you can count on the same level of professional care and customer support for you and your entire household.

Professional Interstate Moving Crew

Select Van & Storage only hires individuals with high competency in moving techniques, and continually trains them yearly to keep them on top of their skills.

  • Knowledgeable moving professionals know the rules and regulations of what can and cannot be moved across state borders.
  • The interstate movers at Select Van & Storage know these details to help you avoid violations and to stay safe during an out-of-state relocation.
  • For instance, flammable items, such as gasoline for your grill should never be placed inside of a moving truck. Other interstate moving companies are not as detailed in their packing process.

Customer Focus and Specialty Services

We focus on the needs of the Omaha residents we support, and we always strive for unsurpassed customer satisfaction. If you need specialty moving services to accompany your interstate household move, we can deliver the appropriate solutions.

We want all of our customers to experience customer service that goes above and beyond the average. To see our customers smiling and thanking us over and over again at the final destination is what a great moving experience is supposed to feel like. Experience this with Select Van & Storage, a leading moving company in the Midwest, with locations in the following cities:

State to State Movers Pack for You

We understand how involved a long-distance move can be with the planning, gathering supplies, packing and labeling, and all of the time spent in the process. That’s why we provide full-service packing solutions, allowing you to continue to spending as much time with your friends and family as possible before your big move to another state. Or if you would like to pack yourself, we can provide quality packing materials to make this process easier.

Interested in receiving a free moving quote for your upcoming interstate move? Fill out Select Van & Storage's quote form on our website today.

Intrastate Movers

Even though you are staying in-state, an intrastate move is not always a quick drive. A move from San Francisco to San Diego can often take upwards of eight hours because of heavy traffic in the metropolitan areas. At a pre-move consultation, a moving specialist will sit down with you to explain what you can expect from the movers at Select Van & Storage, as well as the timeline we will follow to arrive at your new home on your chosen delivery day.

We are proud to service various cities in the Midwest, and have expanded with locations in San Francisco, Calif., as well as Dallas, Texas. The intrastate movers would like to offer clothes packing tips if you plan on packing yourself:

  • Keep clothes on hangers and place in wardrobe cartons
  • Pack shoes in original boxes for easy stacking

In State Moves

The intrastate moving teams would like to remind you to pack your valuables and bring them with you in your vehicle. When performing intrastate moving, Select Van & Storage will go the distance for you to any city within your current state of residence. We always provide time-efficient moves within your open window of availability.

With numerous service areas, you are sure to find one that is near your current home. Select Van & Storage would be happy to discuss the variety of moving services we offer, and by filling out our online quote form you can receive a free estimate.

Long Distance Movers

Typically, the further the move, the higher the stress, but not when you work with the long distance moving professionals of Select Van & Storage. Our team knows the added complexities of interstate moving and international relocation, and plans accordingly – ensuring on-time pickup and meeting delivery deadlines. Being an agent of Mayflower, we have the additional resources that other moving companies may not. Whether the big move will bring you to a new state or another country, you can count on us to get you there.

Long Distance Moving Company Services

There are four main steps that occur during a move, and because of our connection to Mayflower, we can email you to remind you about each step before it occurs. The four main parts of a move include:

  1. Planning your Long Distance Move
  2. Packing and Loading with our Professional Movers
  3. Full-Service Delivery and Payment
  4. Full-Service Unloading and Unpacking

As an experienced long distance moving company, we know how to keep your move simple, efficient and on budget. While complexities of relocation increase when you cross state lines and ship hundreds of miles from your home, we have the resources and expertise to make it look easy and keep your big move trouble-free.

Relocation Solutions to Simplify a Big Move

Our experienced long distance movers have completed many distant in-state as well as interstate moves in Omaha and our other office locations, supporting individual and family relocations. Select Van & Storage simplifies your long distance move and makes the transition to your new home easier.

DIY Moving Support

Lincoln, Des Moines, Kansas City and Omaha moving and storage facilities – all of the Select Van & Storage locations can provide a unique service for you: DIY Moving. It involves us dropping off a trailer for you to pack at your own leisure. Then when you are done loading your home into the trailer, the movers at Select Van will pick it up and deliver it to its new location.

Select Van & Storage is here to meet your moving needs. Give us a call today to tell us how we can do that, or begin planning your move with a free no-obligation moving estimate.

Senior Movers

Once it’s time to simplify and downsize to a low-maintenance home, move in with family or transition to a senior living community, Select Van & Storage can help. We partner with Gracefully Placed Relocation Services in Omaha to provide compassionate senior moving services focused on the unique needs of seniors. This partnership allows seniors to have supervision and coordination of unlimited moving services by the first Certified Senior Move Manager in Nebraska, Colleen A. Smith of Gracefully Placed.

Each situation is unique, as is each move. Planned in to meet the specific needs of seniors and their families, the comprehensive senior moving services may include assistance in finding new places to call home, from apartments to retirement communities to assisted living facilities or full-service nursing homes. To help with the downsizing, Gracefully Placed can also conduct estate sales for items that are no longer needed.

Senior Relocation Services

This is a huge life decision to move out of a place you have called home all of your life. Make this transition easier by calling upon the experienced, helping hands at Gracefully Placed. The senior movers can provide the following services, including:

  • Preparation - Free estimate with a plan of action.
  • Accommodation - Coordination of a realtor, auctioneer, estate sale planner, moving company and storage facility.
  • Separation - Assistance in dividing your belongings into sell, donate, dispose, give to family or friends and keep piles.
  • Transportation - Supervise careful packing, unpacking, loading and unloading.
  • Installation - Oversee appliance set up and other equipment installation at your new home.
  • Completion - Coordinate a cleaner for your old home, and provide debris removal at your new residence.

For a senior moving company in the Omaha area with a friendly demeanor and a name you can trust, go with Gracefully Placed. Select Van & Storage highly recommends Gracefully Placed because it is their specialty to move seniors to any retirement location in the U.S. So whether you see yourself relaxing on a beach in the Carolinas or in the mountains of Colorado, we can make your retirement dreams come true.

Military Movers

Select Van & Storage wants to make the lives of those serving in the Armed Forces easier. Your lifestyle is filled with frequent moves to different bases in the U.S. and the world. We want this to be your best moving experience thus far. Select Van has six locations in five states with an emphasis in the Midwest, as well as a location in San Francisco, as well as Dallas. Affordability and customization is always on our mind, and we always pull through for our customers to give them 100% satisfaction.

The military movers are proud to service the following cities with the nearby air force bases and army posts:

  • Omaha (Offutt Air Force Base)
  • Lincoln (Lincoln Air National Guard Base)
  • Des Moines (Camp Dodge Army Post)
  • Kansas City (McConnell Air Force Base, Ft. Leavenworth Army Post, Ft. Riley Army Post)
  • Dallas (Naval Air Station Forth Worth, Joint Reserve at Carswell)
  • San Francisco (Travis Air Force Base, Presidio of Monterey Army Post)

Military Moving Services

Other military moving companies only offer moving services to those in the military, but Select Van can also offer storage solutions. If you plan on living overseas for a few months this storage option would be an excellent service to select. Our expansive 44,000 square foot storage facility supports short- and long-term storage methods. The certified military movers can even come to your home and pack your belongings appropriately for storage to give them added protection with shrink-wrapping and pad-wrapping for the long months ahead. This is just one of the benefits to planning a military move with Select Van & Storage.

The military movers at Select Van & Storage want to serve our servicemen and women with superior customer service. Let us know how we can accommodate your move or storage solution with the ultimate customization by giving us a call today.

First Home Moving

Are you moving into your first home soon? First of all, Congratulations! Now that all of the paperwork is behind you the exciting events such as moving in, setting up your furniture, and making the home "yours" are all ahead of you. Throughout our decades in the moving industry we have helped countless families begin their new life in their first home and are confident we are the perfect moving company for you as well. We understand the emotions and possible confusion you may have with a first time home move and promise our move coordinator will explain everything to you in detail on day one. They will also be your personal point of contact throughout the duration of the move and long after your moving day.

As an agent for Mayflower Transit we have access to a huge fleet of moving vehicles and agent sites all over the United States. Our skilled personnel have been trained to protect your belongings and we will be sure to carefully pack and load your belongings and also unload them in the same manner. We even shrink wrap and pad wrap furniture as well and place dishes in safe dish packs. Once we arrive at your new home we will gladly set up your furniture and place your dressers and couches wherever you desire.

First Time Home Movers

You have enough on your plate as a first time home buyer; allow the experts at Select Van & Storage handle your move. Here are some of the benefits you will receive:

  • Free Moving Quote
  • Packing and Custom Crating Services
  • Moving Supplies
  • BBB Accredited
  • Licensed and Insured

Call us today to discuss your first home moving plans and we would be happy to give you a variety of options for your move. There is also a quote form available on our website for you to submit for a free estimate. Contact us today!

Full Service Moving Company

For comprehensive moving solutions made to fit your relocation needs, count on Select Van and Storage to deliver reliable high-quality services that are streamlined and efficient. Our BBB accredited business has a long history of doing whatever it takes to make the moving experience stress-free for our customers. We proudly offer full-service moving solutions that are capable of handling all aspects of your relocation in Omaha or any of our other Midwest moving and storage locations. For your specialized moving services, from local moves in Omaha to an international relocation for your household, trust in our moving experts to accommodate both your needs and budget.

Full Service Movers in Omaha

Our premium Omaha full service moving services ensure you complete satisfaction with your move by putting your needs first. We guarantee you'll receive top-notch service that ranges from optional packing and unpacking, custom, crating, valuation insurance options, storage, and much more.

Complete Mover Services in the Midwest

We'll do more than just complete your move—it's the little things, after all, that have made us such an esteemed full service moving company in Omaha and throughout the Midwest. Learn more about the benefits of working with the full-service professionals at any Select Van & Storage location:

  • Up-front pricing and free moving estimate
  • Pre-move planning with personal move coordinator
  • Optional packing, unpacking, custom crating, self-packing materials
  • Valuation insurance options
  • Flexible storage services
  • Protection of flooring, door arches and stair railings
  • Free stretch-wrapping of furniture, padding of doorways and carpet runners
  • Third party services
  • Debris removal
  • 20-step move management system
  • Guaranteed load and delivery dates
  • And much more!

Comprehensive Full Service Moving Solutions

When you work with our full service movers in Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines or Kansas City, you can be rest assured you're getting custom moving solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your household. This means you'll work with your own move coordinator who will help you strategize and plan your move. Create your own custom moving plan with all the services you require for a streamlined moving experience, and don't pay a penny more for those you don't require.

Get started on the moving process by contacting the moving pros at Select Van and Storage today. Call us to learn more about our Omaha full service moving services or fill out our online form to request your free moving quote today.

Third Party Moving Services

As a full service third party moving company, Select Van & Storage offers a variety of services to satisfy the demands of both residential and commercial customers. We have been in business since 1950 and throughout the years have been asked to perform a variety of tasks to help our clients complete their relocation. Moving often requires a lot more than lifting and moving furniture and we want to be your one-stop shop for anything you need. You can rest assured we have the skilled manpower, modern moving vehicles, and customizable logistics to accomplish any goal.

For example, our third party moving services can disassemble and assemble a variety of products such as pool tables, swing sets, and complex furniture arrangements. We can also disconnect and connect your washer and dryer and any other appliance. Many people either do not know how to do this themselves or they would rather have a professional do it for them. We provide you the peace of mind of professional services at a reasonable price.

Third Party Movers

No matter what you need performed we are confident our third party moving services can take care of it for you. Some of the more common services we perform include:

  • Cleaning
  • Appliance Connect/Disconnect
  • Electronic Connect/Disconnect
  • Construction
  • Restoration

Find out why the Select Van & Storage is the ideal third party mover for you by giving us a call. We will explain to you the entire moving process of a piano, including disassembly/reassembly. Fill out our quote form online for a free estimate.

Luxury Moving Services

Whether you're relocating your household or your company, treat yourself with the best moving solutions available by working with the Omaha luxury movers at Select Van & Storage. To enjoy luxury moving services means that you'll have a comprehensive relocation that goes above and beyond the call of duty to meet each and every requirement for a streamlined move. As a BBB accredited business, our moving professionals do what is necessary to give you a seamless, hassle-free moving experience that can transform the way you think about moving. Trust our luxury movers to accommodate all of your household’s moving needs.

Luxury Moving Services in the Midwest

Move with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is of the utmost priority to our luxury moving company. Whether you’re looking for luxury movers in Omaha, Des Moines, Lincoln or Kansas City, our Midwest luxury moving solutions include pre-move planning with your very own personal move coordinator. This means you'll have the custom support you need to ensure that you get the precise move you imagine for your family.

Our top-notch services are customized when you create your very own moving plan of the services you require. We'll do whatever it takes to complete your move, from storage and specialized moving and storage solutions to a wide range of third party services and debris removal. Learn more about the benefits of working with Select Van:

  • Up-front pricing and free moving estimate
  • Pre-move planning with personal move coordinator
  • Optional packing, unpacking, custom crating, self-packing materials
  • Valuation insurance options
  • Flexible storage services
  • Protection of flooring, door arches and stair railings
  • Free stretch-wrapping of furniture, padding of doorways and carpet runners
  • Third party services
  • Debris removal
  • Specialized moving services for your piano, auto, fine art, and more
  • Guaranteed load and delivery dates
  • And much more!

Luxury Relocation with Omaha’s Top Moving Company

If you're in need of luxury moving services in Omaha or plan to work with our other quality Midwest moving and storage offices, we will deliver the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Our moving professionals have made it our life long business goal to be the only place you need to go for deluxe moving solutions. We'll give you the red carpet treatment so your move will be as attuned to your needs as possible. If you're ready to get started on the moving process, give Select Van a call today or fill out our online form for your free moving estimate.

Professional Moving Company

Looking for a stress-free and efficient relocation? Your search ends with Select Van & Storage. As Omaha’s professional moving company of choice, we’ll handle your project with ease. As a fully-licensed and insured mover (US DOT 1098759), we only hire the most trustworthy and experienced moving professionals to put on our uniforms. Because of our long track record of customer satisfaction, we hold an A+ rating from the BBB and are a designated ProMover of the American Moving & Storage Association.

Long Distance and International Moving Pro’s

As an interstate agent of Mayflower Transit, one of the most trusted and experienced van lines in the moving industry, we have the resources necessary to execute long-distance and international moves of all sizes. This partnership gives our professional moving company access to a global network of affiliates, making it easy for us to relocate you to any worldwide destination. Additionally, it also gives us the ability to provide you with valuation insurance options for your belongings. In the off chance something arrives in less than perfect condition, we have you covered!

Professional Moving Services

As the premier professional moving company in Omaha, we have the equipment, skill and experience needed to easily relocate any of your specialized items. From sensitive artwork to grand pianos, no item is too delicate or heavy for our team to move. Using advanced packing and moving techniques, our team of professional movers will quickly and efficiently relocate even your most specialized items. Some of our unparalleled perks and services include:

  • Up-Front Pricing
  • Pre-Move Planning
  • Personal Move Coordinator
  • Guaranteed Load and Delivery Dates
  • Doorway and Floor Protection
  • Free Stretch Wrapping of Furniture
  • Third-Party Services
  • Debris Removal
  • Short-and-Long-Term Storage
  • Affordable Packing Materials
  • And More!

The Midwest’s Top Professional Movers

From start to finish, our Omaha professional movers will work with you to ensure your experience is superior to any you’ve had before. They’ll start by providing you with an in-home estimate of costs, and then will get to work on your project. A move coordinator will stick by you every step of the way to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process. This individual will oversee the team handling your belongings to make sure everything is being treated with care and respect.

Our professional moving company is ready to handle your unique relocation needs! Give Select Van & Storage a call or fill out our online form to learn more and receive your free quote today!