Portable Storage

Select Van & Storage Company

Select Van & Storage can assist you in the storage of your belongings, whether it is extra furniture, household goods, office furniture, business records or any other item. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, our warehouse is here to safely store your goods. We make sure your belongings are protected in our 44,000 square foot facilities located in four cities in the Midwest, as well as one city in California and Texas. Choose a location near your home today.

Omaha Storage Company - Secure Facilities

Our storage facilities are protected against theft with a burglar system, as well as 24/7 surveillance cameras. Fire sprinklers and an alarm system protect the facilities from fire, and since our facilities are climate-controlled your belongings will always be protected from the exterior elements, no matter how warm or cold it gets.

Residential and Commercial Storage Warehouses

Whether you have run out of room at your office or clutter has taken over your home, the storage solutions offered by Select Van & Storage can fix these problems. We have 44,000 square foot storage facilities in the following cities:

  • Omaha Storage - Select Van's headquarters is located here in Omaha, NE where we have a large and secure storage facility.
  • Storage in Lincoln - Our Lincoln storage facility is second to none & can accommodate both residential & commercial storage needs.
  • Des Moines Storage - The Des Moines household and commercial storage facility can meet your storage needs, call for more info.
  • Kansas City Storage - The Kansas City storage facility handles all your storage needs.

Give Select Van & Storage a call today to discuss what type of storage service would best fit your needs. Our storage facility specialists will assist you with a storage solution that will meet the space requirements and duration of time you need your belongings in storage. On our website you can fill out the quote form for a free, no obligation estimate.

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Secure Storage

Whether you're in need of a short term storage solution while your home is being remodeled or a long term option for the extra office furniture your company owns, get your comprehensive Omaha storage needs met when you work with Select Van & Storage.

Warehouse Facility Security

We operate multiple state-of-the-art facilities in the Midwest, offering over 44,000 square feet of storage space in our Omaha facility to meet any sized warehousing need. Monitored 24/7 by an innovative surveillance system and equipped with security alarms as part of a comprehensive fire- and theft-protection system, you can trust in the utmost security offered by our Omaha storage company.

Midwest Secure Storage Company Services

We offer plenty of storage options to fulfill the diverse needs of all of our customers. Our climate-controlled warehouse has the security staff, protection, and video monitoring to keep your belongings safe for any length of time. Learn more about the storage solutions we offer below:

  • Household Storage – Whether it's seasonal décor or treasured family heirlooms, trust your most cherished household belongings with the secure storage experts at Select Van. We'll ensure that your items are kept organized and dry in our cutting-edge facility.
  • Commercial Storage – From sensitive IT equipment to boxed files, industrial machinery to retail items, no matter the size or scope of your storage needs you can rely on our Omaha secure storage experts to accommodate any storage needs.
  • Portable Storage – If you're a fan of DIY moving and storage, consider the portable storage options that our Omaha storage experts offer. We will deliver a secure storage container to your home or office that you can fill yourself the way you want it. When you're ready, our pros will pick it up and place it in storage.
  • Warehousing and Distribution – Inventory management, active storage and shipping solutions allow for efficient local delivery from our secure storage warehouse to your final destination.

Secure Warehouse Solutions

Are you in need of vital space for your home or business? Rely on the Omaha storage experts from Select Van to provide you with high quality storage solutions to meet your needs. We offer the flexibility to create the storage plan you need to complete your home or business relocation. Call us or fill out our online form to request your free storage consultation and estimate.

Household Storage

With six household storage facilities located throughout the Midwest, California and Texas, Select Van & Storage can help you remove clutter from your home. You can use our facilities for storing seasonal items, antiques, extra furniture, you name it we will have a space for it. It's your decision for how long you would like to keep your belongings in our facility for. Short- or long-term, we don't believe in binding you to a certain length of time. We make our storage options affordable to any size budget.

Omaha Household Storage Services

You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected by our storage facility specialists, as well as the numerous protective alarm systems we have throughout our 44,000 square foot facilities. We protect your belongings against theft, fire and temperature changes. A 24/7 surveillance camera monitors the building's premises, and a sprinkler system protects against fire damage. You can store sensitive electronic equipment in our facilities because we have climate-controlled facilities to protect against extreme exterior temperature changes.

Residential Storage Facilities

Store your beloved belongings and memoirs in our secure storage facilities in the following cities:

  • Omaha Household Storage
    Palletized storage is available, so that you can store more items in the same amount of space.
  • Lincoln Household Storage
    Whether you need long-term, temporary or in-transit storage, we have all of these options available.
  • Des Moines Storage
    We have sofa racks for you to use during a room renovation, or to store your old couch while you wait for it to find a new owner.
  • Kansas City Storage
    A secure facility is what Select Van & Storage of Kansas City prides itself on.

Give Select Van & Storage a call today to find out about our household storage solutions. Find a location near you today, and submit a quote online for a free estimate.

Commercial Storage

Businesses of all sizes can use the commercial storage facilities at the various Select Van & Storage locations. We have four locations in the Midwest, as well as one location in California and Texas. With room to store belongings to fit in 44,000 square feet of space, you will have plenty of room to store and even warehouse products for your company. Make sure you store your belongings in a safe and secure storage facility near your place of business today.

Commercial Storage Company in Omaha

Whether you need to store office items for long-term or a temporary period of time, Select Van & Storage lets you decide what you would like to do. We don't like to bind you to a maximum or a minimum length of time that you can store your company's office supplies or warehouse your products. Affordability is possible when you choose storage solutions from Select Van & Storage because we allow you to customize not only the length of time but how much space you will be using to store your items.

Storage Warehouses for Businesses

With so many options available you will be sure to have your storage needs met by Select Van & Storage. Climate-controlled and protected by alarm systems for both fire and theft, every item will stay safe during the duration of your storage. We have storage facilities in the following cities:

  • Omaha Commercial Storage
  • Commercial Storage in Lincoln
  • Des Moines Commercial Storage
  • Commercial Storage in Kansas City
  • Dallas Commercial Storage
  • San Francisco Commercial Storage

Find out how we can assist your business with its commercial storage needs by giving us a call today. We can also provide you with a free estimate when you submit a quote form online.

Records Management

Select Van & Storage has records management services available to businesses of all sizes and types. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop shop or a large corporation, we have room available at our storage facilities to store these confidential pieces of information. We are able to store documents for government agencies, as well as for public and private sector businesses. All of the Select Van & Storage facilities throughout the Midwest, California and Texas are approved by the government. Each facility passed a rigid inspection and must have certain security features to pass this inspection.

Select Van & Storage is proud to offer the records management service in the following cities:

  • Records Management Omaha
    If you are a medical facility that has run out of room to store medical records, use our storage space to do so.
  • Records Management Lincoln
    Before we even place your documents into our records storage facility, we inventory each piece so we know the exact location of each document.
  • Records Management Des Moines
    Rest easy knowing your company's confidential presentations are protected inside of our facility.
  • Kansas City Records Management
    With 44,000 square feet of space to place your records in, we will never run out of room.

Records Management Services

The specialists in the records management department can arrive at your place of business and transport your records directly to our storage facility. If this is not an option you would prefer, you can deliver the documents directly to our facility. With six locations, find the one that is nearest to you today.

Give the helpful phone representatives at Select Van & Storage a call to discuss the records management options we have available. Any business - large or small - can find a vault to place its records in.

Warehousing and Distribution

Any size company can use our warehouse to store finished products or raw materials for shipment to customers and/or business partners. Select Van & Storage has 44,000 square feet of storage space at each one of our facilities. We have four locations throughout the Midwest, as well as one location in California and Texas to meet your needs. Sometimes extra storage space is necessary to create a successful business. Whether you need our warehouse for overflow space or for your permanent warehouse services, Select Van & Storage can customize your warehousing package to meet your immediate and future needs.

Select Van & Storage is proud to serve the following cities:

  • Omaha Warehousing
    A secure facility under 24/7 surveillance keeps your belongings safe in storage.
  • Warehousing in Lincoln
    We can deliver to either coast and to any country in the world with our delivery services.
  • Des Moines Warehousing
    With rack storage and vaulted storage options available, you can choose the best method for your product.
  • Kansas City Warehousing
    Our inventory management system tracks all of your products in both shipping and receiving.

Warehousing Services

Store commercial products inside one of the many warehouses owned by Select Van & Storage. Don't let your products overwhelm your office space. Warehousing and distribution services by Select Van & Storage is an excellent alternative for a small company that doesn't have a large enough budget for their own warehouse, and is great for a larger company that requires additional assistance with their warehousing and distribution services.

Call the warehousing and distribution experts at Select Van today to have your questions answered and the services explained. We look forward to partnering with your company for a future filled with success.

Moving & Storage

When you choose Select Van, you are not only choosing our competitive pricing, but you are also choosing the best in moving and storage. With over 50 years of experience as Omaha moving and storage experts, we can offer you the simple, cost-effective relocation you deserve. From start to finish, our professionals will provide you with unrivaled customer-oriented service, ensuring that your relocation goes off without a hitch.

Complete Moving Services and Storage Facilities

As one of the top Omaha moving and storage companies, Select Van offers a vast array of amenities – including, but not limited to:

  • Full-Service or Fragile-only Packing
  • Packing Supplies Sale
  • Custom Crating
  • Free Moving Quote
  • Household Storage Facilities
  • Commercial Storage Services
  • And Much More!

Professional Omaha Moving & Storage Company

Our movers utilize only the highest quality tools and materials when moving and packing your home or office. Each member of our staff undergoes training and testing to learn the proper methods and techniques for moving your belongings. You can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands when you move with Select Van.

Give us a call to get started on your upcoming relocation today! Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives are ready and waiting to answer your questions. You can also fill out our online quote form for your free, on-site moving estimate. Our Omaha moving and storage professionals look forward to working with you.